Marco Rubio has a three part plan to overhaul Obamacare and fix our failing healthcare system. He wants to provide an advanced, refundable tax credit Americans can use to purchase health insurance. We need to reform our insurance regulations and encourage innovation. We must save Medicare and Medicaid by placing them on fiscally sustainable paths.

Under Marco’s plan, Americans would have access to affordable health insurance. We need to improve access to quality care for everyone. We need to let the free market encourage competition amongst insurance companies to provide the best coverage. The American people should not be held responsible for the bailout of an insurance company, unlike the current plan under Obamacare.

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Conservative Solutions PAC New Television Ad, “Some Republicans,” Highlights The Damage Rubio Has Done To ObamaCare

“For All The Republican Talk…One Republican Presidential Hopeful Has Actually Done Something…” WASHINGTON, DC – Conservative Solutions PAC, the Super PAC supporting Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign, today released a new television advertisement highlighting steps taken by Marco Rubio to end…
December 22, 2015

Super PAC to tout Rubio’s efforts against Obamacare in early-state ad

A Super PAC supporting Republican Marco Rubio will tout the White House hopeful's fight against President Barack Obama's healthcare law in an advertisement set to run in Iowa and New Hampshire starting on Tuesday, a source familiar with the plan…
December 21, 2015


Marco Rubio will unite conservatives and WIN in November!
March 14, 2016