The Economy

The current tax code is broken. Taxes are too high, unfair and our system is outdated. Cost of living is increasing and Americans are struggling, but we can make life more affordable with fewer taxes and more net income. Marco proposes a tax-reform plan that is pro-growth, pro-opportunity, and more importantly pro-family. We need to simplify our tax structure and lower the rates.

Marco Rubio has a plan to consolidate the tax brackets to two (15% and 35%), helping move Americans out of poverty. He wants to level the playing field for working parents, offering tax credits for children. We need to encourage growth and development to grow our economy making the job market competitive and fair. We can help businesses by cutting the current 35% corporate tax rate, making them more competitive in today’s global economy. Businesses need to be able to deduct their expenses and capital investments. Let’s eliminate double-taxation on investments, enable small businesses and start ups to compete on level playing fields.

Latest News

Rubio: My pro-family, pro-growth tax reform plan for the 21st century

Six months ago, Senator Mike Lee and I offered a variety of ideas on how to reform America's tax code to be both pro-growth and pro-family. Our goal was to slash rates, shrink the IRS, create jobs, grow wages, and…
October 27, 2015

Marco Rubio Wants to Help Strengthen Families — Now He’s Rolling Out a New Plan to Make it Happen

At the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) announced his plan to implement a tax-incentive based leave program for families. His plan would provide tax breaks for businesses that permit paid time off for employees to…
October 1, 2015


Marco Rubio will unite conservatives and WIN in November!
March 14, 2016