The issue of life is a basic core issue that defines our society. Marco Rubio has a consistent record of supporting pro-life policies. He believes that all life is worthy of protection. He believes that working for a pro-life agenda is a fundamental tenet of our society. Marco feels that Planned Parenthood has “incentivized” women to receive abortions for financial gain. We need to defund Planned Parenthood. The money currently provided to Planned Parenthood should fund other federally qualified healthcare centers that provide the needed, affordable healthcare to women.

All life is worthy of protection, which is why Marco Rubio supports the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. The post-22 week abortion ban is a common sense step that we can take. Our country will be judged on how we treat our most vulnerable members of society – the disabled, the elderly, the very ill, and the unborn. Strong values built this country. Marco believes that we need to bring strong families and strong morals back to Washington.

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Marco Rubio Has Always Voted Against Funding Planned Parenthood

In the craziness of a presidential campaign, sometimes rumors get started that, with the advent of social media, that take hold and appear to become gospel — even though they’re not true. One such Internet rumor is the false claim…
February 15, 2016

Marco Rubio Announces Advisory Board of Pro-Life Leaders: We Have to Protect Unborn Children

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio today announced the creation of a pro-life advisory board — a group of pro-life leaders who will advise him on key pro-life issues through his presidential campaign and potentially into his presidency. The board of…
January 19, 2016


Marco Rubio will unite conservatives and WIN in November!
March 14, 2016