Marco Rubio Wants to Help Strengthen Families — Now He’s Rolling Out a New Plan to Make it Happen

At the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) announced his plan to implement a tax-incentive based leave program for families.

His plan would provide tax breaks for businesses that permit paid time off for employees to spend with family. The plan traces back to his own roots, he said:

“[O]ne of the reasons I am so privileged is that I was born to two parents who were able to be a constant presence in the lives of their children …the greatest gift parents can give their children is time spent together.

The values only parents can teach, the love only parents can provide, the encouragement only parents can offer cannot come via text or phone call. At least not completely. It has to come through time spent together.”
So now he plans to offer businesses the option to reap tax incentives from offering paid family leave. His pitch:

“I believe we can fix this problem by creatively applying our free enterprise principles in a way that encourages businesses to choose to offer more paid family leave.”